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15 from 15: Top Blog Posts of 2015

15 Top Blog Posts from 2015

15 from 15: Top Blog Posts of the Year

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing several Top 15 lists from 2015.  Looking back over all my lists reminded me once again just how much can happen in a year’s time. Especially if you are writing it down.

Today’s Top 15 is the top blog posts from my blog as determined by traffic in 2015. In order to add to the drama, I’ll count down from fifteen to one.

#15: “Surviving Icemegeddon: No Milk During a Storm” (2/20/15)

My family failed to consider the cardinal rule of ice storms in the South: Don’t be caught without bread and milk during a storm!

Heroic doesn’t even begin to describe our few days during Icemegeddon as we awaited Icepocalypse in the Mid-South.

#14: “Questions About Christmas: Santa, Elf on a Shelf, and Jesus” (12/18/14)

Open letter from this generation to older generations seeking clarification on questions about Christmas–specifically, Santa, Elf on a Shelf, and Jesus.

The shelf life of this post and its honest questions about Christmas from one generation to the next carried over into 2015.

#13: “My Favorite Small Group Moment” (1/29/15)

Our group prayed and saw a miracle that night. The aftermath of that prayer time continues to be my favorite small group moment of the last 20 years.

This is one of those stories that I have to remind yourself to repeat often to my children.

#12: “The Eternal Value of Story” (2/9/15)

Meet two people who were helpless and hopeless with nothing of value for succeeding generation. They discovered the source of the eternal value of story.

Stories are powerful beyond themselves, as the popularity of this post suggests.

#11: “A Different Kind of Deer Camp” (11/10/15)

(A Values Storying Spotlight)

He grew up going to a different kind of deer camp. Though he didn’t recognize this as anything unusual at the time, Rain Down Ministries was being formed.

Less than two months old and this post about one of my former students made the list of top blog posts.

#10: “When the Time Comes to Turn the Page” (6/12/15)

The time comes–sooner or later–for every baseball player to turn the page on his career, whether that is to pursue a higher level or to pack up the gear.

Two dads. Two sons at different stages of their baseball careers. One purpose.

#9: “Coach Dave: For the Love of the Game” 3/23/15)

The first edit of Coach Dave caused my eyes to leak from a love of the game of baseball and the young men who play it, their parents, and their coaches.

I still tear up when I think about the real-life stories that inspired the Coach Dave series.

#8: “Sweeping Changes and New Beginnings” (8/11/15)

It was a week of sweeping changes and new beginnings for every single member of my family.

Such a turbulent year for our family. We all seemed to find a foothold about the same time.

#7: “THAT Youth Baseball Parent (You Know the One)” (3/6/15)

I confess, I have been THAT youth baseball parent. But I learned some lessons along that I want to pass along to do my part to preserve this great game.

This post began a series of baseball posts that continue to drive conversations to this day.

#6: “Changes Coming for Lines in the Gravel” (10/6/15)

With supplies of the first edition of the book dwindling, I wanted to let my readers know of several changes coming for Lines in the Gravel and ask for their help.

We settled on a new cover and I was able to re-launch my first book in 2015.

#5: “10 Family History Questions to Ask” 2/23/15)

Here are 10 family history questions to help you, your kids, your grandkids, or other relatives start potentially riveting conversations.

This post launched a conversation I had with a Corinth church’s families about being purposeful in passing our most important stories along to the next generation.

#4: “6 Ways to Stop Living Vicariously Through Your Kids” 3/11/15)

Living vicariously through our children is a huge issue today. I hope my journey serves as a help to you in building a positive legacy for your family.

From that same series of top blog posts as #7, several people responded, “Guilty.” Yeah, me, too.

#3: “Remembering Mike, Number 17 (4/2/15)

On April 2, 1985, I received a phone call that changed everything. Even thirty years later, I spend time on a regular basis remembering Mike.

This was the most important post of the year to me, personally. This marked 30 years since the event that forever changed the direction of my life. I’m grateful that it spread like wildfire over a few days and became one of the year’s top blog posts.

#2: “Boosting Baseball IQ: 12 Things Not to Yell at the Game” (3/12/15)

This post was written to boost the baseball IQ of baseball parents across the land as we entered into another season of America’s pastime.

This post has taken on a life of its own. I get texts from people who listen for one of the 12 things not to yell at the game at baseball parks all over the country . They never have to listen long. I have greatly enjoyed the ongoing conversation.

#1: “The Incomprehensible Sorrow of Losing a Son” (6/15/15)

A quick check of social media brought heartbreaking news. A local family was dealing with the incomprehensible grief of losing a son.

Tragedy at a Tupelo ball park brought back memories of losing my ten-year-old buddy and the deep impact Taylor’s life and death have made on me. Continued prayers for both families.

Top Blog Posts of the Year: A Closing Statement

Sometimes I wonder if anything I write is making a difference at all. Writing can be such a chore at times. However, when I look back on the top blog posts of 2015, I’m glad I have continued to write. I have laid out my thoughts on pretty weighty matters, at least to me. I’m glad you chose to come along for the journey. We’re much better together. Thanks for reading.



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