Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

My Life Will Be a Statement

My Life Will Not Be an Apology Talk about words that jump off the page at you! I’m an avid reader who can find value in just about anything I choose to read. Seldom, though, are an author’s words so poignant that they leap off the page and cause me to do a double-take. Last […]

Getting Back to My Southern Roots

Getting Back to My Southern Roots Hi, values storying community. I’ll be taking a break from blogging this week as I help a local business tell their story to their customers during Customer Appreciation Week. I told you about Southern Roots Nursery and Garden Center in Hernando in a Values Storying Spotlight last Thursday. I’ll […]

Values Storying Spotlight: Southern Roots

 The Southern Roots Story A new friend looked at me last week and said emphatically, “You’re going to help people tell their stories!” Yes! Yes, I am. One of those people is Scott Haley. Scott and his wife, Beth, are the owners of Southern Roots Nursery and Garden Center in Hernando, Mississippi. The Haleys opened […]

Abboism #44: Ill Pill

Did You Take an Ill Pill? If you have kids, then you know there are days when they just seem determined to “be in a bad attitude,” as our own Little Fella said when he was younger. My dad would blame the root of a bad attitude on an ill pill that that someone displaying […]

What Faith Can Do

What Faith Can Do I should have known that writing a book on faith stories would become a faith story in and of itself. I crossed over the 40,000 word mark this week (knowing that thousands of them will die at the hand of the executioner’s editor’s pen) with plenty of stories left to tell. […]

My Brush with the Legacy of Truett Cathy

No, I never actually met S. Truett Cathy. But on the way to the airport from an adoption conference in the Atlanta area, Tony Pillstrom and I got sufficiently turned around and hungry that we found ourselves cruising through Hapeville, Georgia in search of a fast food dining establishment. The name of the town meant […]

Abboism #43: Bang Up Good Job

If you are new to Abboisms, let me give you a brief summary: Abboisms are a collection of my dad’s patently Southern sayings that I am trying to record for posterity’s (as opposed to prosperity’s) sake. My dad’s nickname from childhood is Abbo; that’s how I chose the name of my collection. Many of the […]

This Is Our Hill and These Are Our Beans

This Is Our Hill… Lieutenant Frank Drebin (as played by Leslie Nielson in the Naked Gun movies) once famously said, “It’s a topsy-turvy world, Jane, and maybe the problems of two people don’t amount to a hill of beans, but this is OUR hill, and these are OUR beans.” Have you ever thought about the […]