Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

50 Values Tournament Round Two: 24 Motives

50 Values Tournament in Brief When I talk to people about values storying, they readily recognize the importance of passing our values from one generation to the next through the stories we tell…and re-tell. However, one issue continues to surface: where to start. Identifying our values and connecting them purposefully in our stories seems to […]

Abboism #45 : Thunder and Tobacco

They’re back! After a sabbatical of a few weeks to work on several time-sensitive projects, Abboisms make their return to Tuesdays on the Values Storying blog today, along with a story of interest to values storytellers. Abbo is my dad’s childhood nickname, and Abboisms are our family’s uniquely Southern collection of words and phrases. I […]

Stories from the Roller Coaster: Why We Clap

Why We Clap

Enjoy a sample today from Stories from the Roller Coaster. Today’s excerpt, “Why We Clap,” comes from the introduction. I hope it gives you some clarity as to why I felt this book was so important that it had to be written. Read it with a mind toward your own stories that may have gone […]

The 50 Values Tournament, Round One

50 Values Tournament

50 Values Tournament: The Inspiration The Little Fella (that’s my youngest son; he’s 11) discovered bracketology last year at the Christmas family ping pong tournament. Since then, he has compiled countless brackets, filled with imaginary teams with every conceivable nickname. He is currently working on what will become his masterpiece, a 512-team tournament hand-drawn on […]

Four Observations “Out from Collins”

Four Observations (Plus One) from “Out from Collins” Last week, my family gathered for the sad occasion of my Aunt Evelyn’s funeral. The location was of the service was Collins, Mississippi, and then “out from Collins” at the cemetery just up the road from my aunt and uncle’s home. Aunt Evelyn was my Uncle Hob’s […]

Stories from the Roller Coaster Update: 18 Days

Stories from the Roller Coaster Update The last week-and-a-half has been a whirlwind of activity around my forthcoming book of faith stories. I haven’t blogged in over a week, but I have been super busy working on the book. Here’s a Stories from the Roller Coaster update with 18 days remaining before my projected publishing […]

Greetings from the Retirement Home

Greetings from the Retirement Home I’ve done it. I checked into a room at a local retirement center on Sunday night. I’m not feeling that old, especially, but I need to get away for a couple of days to write, edit, and re-write. (The Little Fella is already having a field day with this situation […]

Why I Love Speaking to Young Writers

Once upon a time, middle schoolers frightened me. I thought a specific anointing from God was required to teach the little ruffians. When I began to teach seventh grade geography so many years ago, that all changed. I discovered how wonderfully creative middle school students can be with the right direction. My Hero’s Journey I […]