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5 Ways to Avoid Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

(This post was originally posted around this time last year on my old blog, FamilyStoryLegacy. I also posted it to SlideShare, where it has been one of my top-performing presentations.) 5 Ways to Avoid Breaking New Year’s Resolutions 1. Don’t make them. Simple theory, right?  If you don’t make any New Year’s resolutions, how can […]

Why I Still Make New Year’s Resolutions

Why I Still Make New Year’s Resolutions Call me old-fashioned, but I still make New Year’s resolutions. Whether you would identify them as resolutions, goals, or whatever term you would use to label them, I find them helpful. They take my good intentions to a much higher and more attainable level. New Year’s resolutions take […]

Mysterious Third Verses: Christmas Carols Edition

Mysterious Third Verses: Christmas Carols Edition Back in August on the FamilyStoryLegacy blog, I posted what became a wildly popular post and quiz about mysterious missing third verses of popular traditional hymns. Readers–even lifelong church goers–were surprised at third verses that they had never before heard. I wondered, how would my readers do on a […]

A Family Christmas Secret Revealed and…Ducks?

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like…Ducks? One thing I will always treasure about a particular Christmas is the Christmas Eve my dad let me be a part of a blessing he had never really shared with anyone else. Like most men in the South, my daddy is a hunter.  If it quacks, flies, has horns, or […]

Secret Santa Changed My Family Christmas Tree

Secret Santa Changed My Family Tree Secret Santa changed my family tree.  I remember where I was when I first heard the story from this modern-day Kris Kringle in December of 2006.  Driving from my house toward Hernando and listening to the Dave Ramsey Show on the radio, I was overwhelmed by the story of […]

Old McDonald Had a Farm for Christmas

To introduce Harry Phillips as Dr. Harry V. Phillips, III, M.D., of the Memphis Children’s Clinic would be the under-introduction of a lifetime.  He is one of the most-beloved members of the DeSoto County community, and his love and care for his patients and their families is legendary.  He is known to most simply as […]

Mama Bluebird and the Best Christmas Ever

The Best Christmas Ever There is a photo of me somewhere at Mom and Dad’s house of what I considered my best Christmas ever.  I think I was 10 years old that year.  I got a Minnesota Vikings Fran Tarkenton jersey that year, and I’m wearing it in the photo.  Andy and I pored over […]

The 12 Tweets of Christmas

The 12 Tweets of Christmas Today’s post consists of some random observations about Christmas and the American culture from my viewpoint. I decided to write the post in tweet-able format and call it simply “The 12 Tweets of Christmas.” Enjoy. And please…click to tweet. Disclaimer: These represent my views and not the views of this […]