Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

Questions About Christmas: Santa, Elf on a Shelf, and Jesus

An open letter with questions about Christmas–specifically, Santa, Elf on a Shelf, and Jesus: Dear Current Generations, I asked you earlier for some clarification about “Christmas music.”  Thanks for reading that — really, my generation wants to know about what Christmas really means.  I have many more questions about Christmas, though.  I know this season […]

An Open Letter Seeking Clarification About Christmas Music

Christmas Music: An open letter seeking some clarification Dear Current Generations, Excuse me, I’m new around here.  I would like a little information, please.  Actually, I feel inundated with information.  What I really need is clarification. It’s about this thing you call Christmas.  What is that, exactly?  Wikipedia says that Christmas is “an annual commemoration […]

The Huge Box in the Station Wagon: A Christmas Story

The Huge Box in the Station Wagon One thing I will always treasure about a particular Christmas didn’t actually happen on Christmas.   One afternoon during the Christmas season after my parents’ divorce, Momma was unusually late picking my sister Carlyn and me up from the school bus stop. When we finally saw her, she […]

Party in Eve’s Room: A Love Story to Teach Love

Values Storying: One Way to Teach Love to the Next Generation Eve’s room was a constant party. She was the center of attention, quite the catalyst for new friendships formed all around her. Her room was constantly abuzz with light chatter intermixed with deep, meaningful conversations. It was a happy place, so much so that […]

25 Red Christmas Ribbons: The Next Generation

25 Red Christmas Ribbons One of Mom’s many cross stitch works, the most memorable of all of them, was brought out at the end of every November and was the source of our lines in the gravel revisit.  I remember its white background but neither I nor any other member of my family can tell […]

3 Values We Inadvertently Teach the Next Generation

3 Values We Inadvertently Teach the Next Generation We want to be better parents, don’t we? Feedback to a couple of my recent posts clearly indicates that we want to do a better job preparing the next generation. (Check out “6 Ways to Stop Living Vicariously Through Your Kids” and “Boosting Baseball IQ: 12 Things […]

Stories from the Roller Coaster: No Way We Afford This House

Stories from the Roller Coaster: No Way We Afford This House Today’s excerpt from Stories from the Roller Coaster (of a Faith Life) is a faith story about my family’s house. We have long lived in houses and neighborhoods seemingly beyond our means. Behind those homes, however, is a faith story. No Way We Afford […]