Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

My Favorite Small Group Moment

Small groups start at my church this weekend. We call them life groups now, a term that followed small groups, focus groups, shepherd groups (the most awkward of the bunch…try explaining why you have a “shepherd” around the water cooler), and cell groups. I have been a part of small groups from the beginning–actually before […]

The Time We Took Mama to Rasslin

The time we took Mama to rasslin

The Time We Took Mama to Rasslin  We called my mom Mama until we went away to college and got all sophisticated; then, she became Mom. She never really acted very sophisticated. After all, she was from out in the country near North Carrollton. She didn’t have to go far to get above her raisin’. […]

Five Ways to Get Away Today

Want to Get Away? You know that feeling you get about a week before you are set to leave for vacation? You know, like you’re already there. Perhaps others can tell that while you’re still going through the motions of your job, you’ve mentally already clocked out for your vacation destination. This time of year […]

Star Proper (A Lines in the Gravel Excerpt)

Star Proper (A Lines in the Gravel Excerpt) “Star proper.”  I chuckle at the phrase.  Star, Mississippi, is a small dot on the map 18 miles south of Jackson right along Highway 49, and it is my hometown. Since Star was then and still remains an unincorporated town, its boundaries are nebulous. When I think […]

Lines in the Gravel: The Title Story

Lines in the Gravel

The following is the story on which my first book, Lines in the Gravel, is based. I am often asked by those who have not yet read the book what the title means. Wonder no longer. Lines in the Gravel: The Title Story The bus, Number 58 if my old memory serves me correctly, regularly […]

3 Lessons Learned from the Packers’ Loss to Seattle

3 Lessons Learned from the Packers’ Loss to Seattle I’ve been a Green Bay Packers’ fan for many years. Brett Favre was a college classmate, so my initial following was a natural. My fan-dom has outlasted my favorite player’s stay on the team. I have enjoyed the highs of big wins and the lows of […]

Recognizing “Remember the Time” Moments

Remember the Time Keeping up with the Little Fella is impossible.  Not just because I’m an old geezer and he’s a young whippersnapper.  I’ve tried to set aside days where I intentionally do everything he wants to do.  Days when I don’t say “in a minute” or “after I finish my coffee” or “not right […]

What Is Values Storying?

What Is Values Storying? I use the term values storying quite often here on this blog. Once in a while, I like to go back and capture what values storying is and what I am trying to accomplish through my writing, speaking, and (coming August 1) podcasting. Some of you may be here for the […]