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Sports Fan Confession Number Two

Sports fan

Sports Fan Confession Number Two In the first post in this series, I admitted that I have not always been the rabid Cardinal baseball fan that I am today. I switched allegiances 26 years ago and have remained a steadfast Cardinal fan through winning and losing seasons. That was a baseball specific confession. As a […]

Baseball Confession Number One

A Baseball Confession I have a baseball confession to make–three, actually. They are specifically about team allegiances, and I will spread them out over three separate posts. My confessions speak to our rabid following of our favorite teams and to what we should be teaching the next generation about the teams we follow so fervently. […]

The Clean Plate Club: Of Baseball and Brussels Sprouts

Clean Plate Club

The Clean Plate Club The title of this post associates baseball, Brussels sprouts, and the clean plate club. Read all the way to the end of today’s post for a riddle to share. But read the post first. When you were a kid, were you regularly admonished to eat everything on your plate? Perhaps you […]

The Missing Years: Open Letter to a Busy Dad

Busy Dad

Dear Busy Dad, Big Sister would carry around a photo of me in her hand and point to it and tell people, “That’s my daddy.” She was about three years old. I was a teacher and coach, and those were the missing years. I was a busy dad just like you. Maybe like you, I […]

Coach Dave: For the Love of the Game

Coach Dave: For the Love of the Game A funny thing happened during my first edit of my first manuscript of my new book, Coach Dave. My eyes leaked. Several different times. I spent 16 years as a high school coach, pouring myself into my craft. My goal was to find one school where I […]

Baseball Brothers and a Road Trip Wrap-up

Baseball and Brothers

Baseball and Brothers Some brothers are famous for politics, like the Kennedys and the Bushes. Some brothers are accomplished actors, like the Baldwins. Others are known for musical ability or business acumen. Brothers getting involved in the same pursuits is fairly common, perhaps in no arena more than athletics. The Manning brothers and Harbaugh brothers […]

Boosting Baseball IQ: 12 Things Not to Yell at the Game

Boosting Your Baseball IQ I was watching the end of the 11-12-year-old game before my son’s game. With two strikes on him, a spindly little guy on one of the teams swung at a pitch just above eye level, tipping it back into the catcher’s mitt. “Way to tip!” a lady standing alone near me […]

6 Ways to Stop Living Vicariously Through Your Kids

What Is Living Vicariously Through Your Kids? Living vicariously through our children is a huge issue today, and my family is no exception. There is so much more I could say—and I may very well return to this topic again—but I hope my journey serves as a help to you in building a positive legacy […]