Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

Spring Break Baseball Memories

Spring Break Baseball Memories Spring break means baseball to me and many other high school baseball parents. This week is a baseball-themed week on the Values Storying blog as the Little Fella and I follow Older Brother’s team through central Mississippi to L.A. (Lower Alabama). We’re both part of the Lewisburg High School internet broadcast […]

The Baseball Code

The Baseball Code No sport passes down its values through story like baseball. Perhaps the greatest baseball sin a player can commit is to disrespect the game. Baseball has a code, largely unwritten, that the young guys learn from the veterans through the stories that they pass down. The Baseball Code indicates that there is […]

THAT Youth Baseball Parent (You Know the One)

THAT Youth Baseball Parent The story goes that a well-known umpire in our area some time back was the target of some verbal abuse from a youth baseball parent or two during a game. This umpire was generally regarded as a decent umpire and was part of the youth baseball landscape in our area. However, […]

Values Storying: 51 Core Values

Values Storying: 51 Values Back last October and November, I asked my values storying community to identify their most important core values. For fun, we did it tournament style. I didn’t want to minimize any of the core values with which we started. However, I wanted to answer a question I receive fairly frequently regarding […]

Values Storying from a Crazy Week

Values Storying from a Crazy Week I love routine. At the beginning of each month, I lay out my work for each day of the week. Tuesdays are my writing days for my new book. Fridays are set aside for new blog posts and designing photos with inspiring and challenging captions. You get the idea. […]