Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

Coach Dave: More Than Trophies

  Today’s excerpt from Coach Dave: Season One gets down to the reason many adults value their own childhood baseball experiences. More than trophies, they hold in higher regard other, less visible aspects of playing youth baseball. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from the book. I call this scene “More Than Trophies.” Enjoy. More […]

Coach Dave’s Nemesis: Fletcher Brandt

Every lead character needs a nemesis. Coach Dave is no exception. He has a number of them throughout the story, including some of the dads from his own team. There is one character, however, who coaches the game in a manner altogether different than our title character. Winning all that matters to him, and he […]

The Incomprehensible Sorrow of Losing a Son

The Incomprehensible Sorrow of Losing a Son I was brokenhearted Sunday morning to read of the passing of a local ten-year-old boy. He was struck in the head by a falling tree branch while leaving a Tupelo baseball field as storms rapidly approached. Most who commented on social media could not imagine the incomprehensible sorrow […]

When the Time Comes to Turn the Page

When the Time Comes to Turn the Page I have gone with Older Brother to a number of baseball tryouts over the last couple of years as he has attempted to find a school that needs a submarining righthanded reliever. With no offers–at least to this point–he has determined that the time has probably come […]

Meet Coach Dave’s Players: Hudson Jones

Meet Hudson Jones, a talented but smallish infielder/pitcher for Coach Dave’s Scarlet Knights. Rooster and the boys mistake him for the coach’s son during the team’s first practice but later meet his dad in a humorous scene. Our narrator for this first book in the Coach Dave series knows that there’s more to Hudson than […]

Behind the Scenes of Coach Dave: Season One

Coach Dave: Behind the Scenes The Coach Dave book project has leaped several steps forward in the last couple of weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited to share them with you. Call it a behind the scenes tour. 1. I finished the third edit, one in which I read the whole book in about […]

Baseball as a Microcosm of Life

Baseball as a Microcosm of Life Runners on second and third, less than two outs. Runners moving on the pitch as the hitter squares for a squeeze bunt. The bunt is fair, and two runs score! Two runs?!? With all the excitement of the suicide squeeze, no one–including the umpires–notices as the runner from second […]