Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Saying Goodbye to a Friend I said goodbye to a friend this week. He has been a “such a time as this” friend, one whom I cannot imagine having gone through the last two years of my life without. He has been a trusted confidant and adviser, a prayer partner, a fellow dreamer, a connector. […]

A Shot to the Nose and a Dose of Perspective

A Shot to the Nose and a Dose of Perspective The doctor agreed that her nose was most likely broken. Not bad enough to re-break and set, thank goodness, but good for a week’s worth of headaches. Broken enough. Since the Little Fella made the move from homeschool to public school, he has had to […]

God Is Good…All the Time?

Is God Really Good? God is great, God is good, Let us thank Him For our food. Aaaa-men. That was what my sisters and brother prayed as a blessing over the food when we were kids. When we visited with Tomp and Mama Tomp (my maternal grandparents) for a week during the summer, we were […]

Reflection: An Oft-Neglected Discipline

Reflection: An Oft-Neglected Discipline Before the pastor started his message, he told the crowd that he wasn’t preaching just for the moment. He wanted us to take the Scripture from Romans and gnaw on it all week like a dog does a bone. If you know anything about Romans, you know that there is plenty […]

Writing What My Students Write: Narrative

Writing What My Students Write: Narrative The Emergency Room…Again It was my brother’s fault, really. I shouldn’t have been here so soon after my broken ankle from just a few months prior. Yet here I sat, waiting. Hunched over, I was afraid to move. I had been well on my way toward unconsciousness after the […]