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Values Storying Spotlight: Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Values Storying Spotlight: Patricia Neely-Dorsey Yes, we DO have shoes in Mississippi. We might not wear them all of the time…but we do have them! Patricia Neely-Dorsey has been clearing up misconceptions about her home state of Mississippi as far back as she can remember. Recently named an official goodwill ambassador for the state of […]

A Teacher’s Summer Reading List

A Teacher’s Summer Reading List I have been absent from the blog for the last couple of weeks. If you have ever been a teacher, you understand just how draining the last weeks of school can be. In addition, I had several final exams to write for the first time, so that pretty much exhausted […]

From a Writer’s Perspective at Fifty

Perspective at Fifty Thursday will be my fiftieth birthday. I don’t mind turning fifty. I’m not dreading it, feeling like my time is past. I had a surprise party this past weekend that I helped Mrs. Right plan. (She famously quips that surprises are highly overrated.) I was insistent that anyone who dressed in funeral […]

The Lucky Baseball Bat

The Lucky Baseball Bat I have many baseball memories, including a handful that actually included my using a baseball bat in a productive manner. I considered none of those a lucky baseball bat (not even the one that almost pulled out a game winner–even with Stacey Dilmore on the mound). No, the lucky baseball bat […]