Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

Answering A Loaded Baseball Question

Questions from Students: A Loaded Baseball Question Without any further fanfare, I present the last few questions from the students who read my book as part of their children’s literature class. The last one is the loaded baseball question. First, a very thoughtful but non-loaded baseball question or three that the students asked: Why do […]

On My Journey as an Author

Questions from Students: On My Journey as an Author Has it been worth all of the time and money that you spent on this series? More yes than ever before. I wrote on one of the earlier posts in this series about a message from a baseball mom who told me that reading the Coach […]

Coach Dave’s Cast of Characters

Questions from Students: Coach Dave‘s Cast of Characters 1. Have you ever moved to a different city like the characters in the book? I have probably moved fewer times than most, and I have lived my entire life in Mississippi. However, my transition from elementary to junior high school to high school involved major changes, […]