Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

Writing the End of a Series

Writing the End of a Series A few weeks ago, I wrote the last words of the Coach Dave series of books. Coach Dave Season Five: The Next Level has already gone through its first edit. Even as I start the next set of revisions, I confess that I am having a hard time letting […]

2017 Summer Reading Revisited

Summer Reading Revisited

  2017 Summer Reading Revisited As my students are brushing up on their summer reading that they read in June and are now reviewing before school starts next us next week, I follow up on my own summer reading list. My goal was to learn the conventions of sports biography in preparation for a future […]

Some Status Symbols Just Don’t Fit

  Some Status Symbols Just Don’t Fit Status symbols. Fitting in. They are of critical importance to many young people preparing to return to school. No to this shirt or that backpack because they aren’t “in.” Yes to this (usually more expensive) item of clothing or accessory because it is what (they hope) the cool […]