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3 Lessons Learned from the Packers’ Loss to Seattle

lessons learned from the Packers' loss

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3 Lessons Learned from the Packers’ Loss to Seattle

I’ve been a Green Bay Packers’ fan for many years. Brett Favre was a college classmate, so my initial following was a natural. My fan-dom has outlasted my favorite player’s stay on the team. I have enjoyed the highs of big wins and the lows of big losses.

Yesterday’s loss to Seattle in the NFC championship game was particularly painful. Early dominance did not parlay into an easy win. Even five Seahawk turnovers and several injuries to key players were not enough for a Packers team that simply stopped playing too early in the game.

I didn’t want to waste the disappointment of something that was–I remind you even as I remind myself–still just a game. Here, then, are three lessons learned from the Packers’ loss to Seattle yesterday:

Lesson #1: Keep playing until the game is well in hand.

With a 19-7 lead with about five minutes remaining in the game, the Packers’ Nick Burnett snagged a tipped ball for the team’s fourth interception of the game. With an open field before him, Burnett inexplicably slid safely to the turf to protect the football. Trying to run out the clock, the Packers instead allowed the Seahawks to cut the lead to 19-14, recover an onside kick, score again, convert an two-point conversion, and ultimately win the game in overtime, 28-22. Instead of playing to win against the defending Super Bowl champions, the Packers played not to lose. And it cost them at trip to Glendale, Arizona, for the league’s showcase game.

Lesson #2: Never quit.

Through the game’s first 55 minutes, Russell Wilson had played probably the worst game of his career. He had thrown four interceptions and had contributed very little to the Seattle running game, either. Five minutes and one overtime drive later, he had punched his ticket back to the Super Bowl. His resilience was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Lesson #3: Keep the game in perspective.

As I was considering lessons learned from the Packers’ loss to Seattle, one stood out as more important than the others. From a fan’s standpoint, the result of a game that I follow as a fan shouldn’t cause more than a blip of disappointment (which it did). Too much disappointment would have caused me to miss a great perspective on the game from the winning side.

Just after his exploits on the field led his team to victory, Russell Wilson was also exemplary in his post-game interview. His deferral to his teammates and his Lord were refreshing, indeed.

I’m disappointed because “my team” lost. But I choose to learn the life lessons available even in defeat. I do, however, hope that Seattle’s comeback Sunday fuels a great 2015-16 season for Green Bay, one that teaches other lessons from the winning side.

Those are just three of my lessons learned from the Packers’ loss. What life lesson did you learn from the game?



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