Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

Al Ainsworth: Speaking Page

Al Ainsworth

Al Ainsworth

Al Ainsworth: Speaking Page

Hi, and welcome to my speaking page! My name is Al Ainsworth, and I am a lifelong Mississippian, born in the small town of Star. I have lived hear Hernando in the northwest corner of the state since 1990. My wife, Loretta, and I have been married since 1992, and we have three children (20, 18, and 11).

My background is in sports coaching, education, and ministry with a touch of business and entrepreneurship thrown in to flavor the mix. I was an English teacher and high school coach for 13 years and a small groups pastor for 8 years. I especially enjoyed the teaching and training aspects of each profession. Some have said that my whole life is a word picture to one degree or another. I like to put even seemingly ordinary circumstances in a greater context and for a larger purpose.

Since 2013, I have been writing, speaking, learning, and consulting on a variety of topics regarding values. In the fall of 2015, I went back to the classroom to teach English to students with learning disabilities. I guess you could say that I practice what I preach and preach what I practice.

I am the author of Lines in the Gravel and Stories from the Roller Coaster and the Coach Dave series.


“Our group was touched deeply by Al’s authenticity and abilities as a public speaker.”

–Stacy, Event Host

All of my presentations revolve around the core of values storying, passing values from one generation to the next through the stories we tell…and re-tell. The following are some examples of presentations I have given for various audiences:

“Values Storying for the Next Generation” (various groups)

“Values Storying Through Self-Publishing” (School, library groups)

“God’s Story of Faithfulness” (Church message – Click to hear)

“Permission to Dream”

“5 Simple Habits (That Will Make You a Better Leader Today)”

“Learning Values Through a Game” (Players, parents, coaches of sports teams and organizations)

“The detail that you used recharged my memory…”

–Melba, Event Organizer

You need to understand that if you are looking for a stiff presentation full of charts, graphs, and data–well, I’m probably not your guy. My style is conversational; after all, I am a storyteller. But my stories have purpose. They convey values and help others perpetuate their own organizational values. A friend who has walked with me from the beginning of this part of my journey often says of the connection between my life and the stories I tell, “Nothing is wasted.”

You have a wide variety of choices for your event, and I am not delusional enough to think that I’m the best choice for every speaking engagement. However, if you do choose me, here is what I can guarantee:

  • I will respond promptly to your correspondence.
  • I will personally interact with you to assure I understand your desire for your event.
  • I will deliver a poignant, challenging message laced with humor and anecdotes in a conversational tone.
  • I will promote your event through my social media channels if you desire.
  • I will follow up with you in a timely manner after your event.

I believe that stories are the best vehicle to transport our values from one generation to the next. This is not only true in our families but in our churches, schools, businesses, and all sorts of other organizations. When I tell my own stories, my ulterior motive is to connect you with the things that matter most to you and the stories you can use to communicate them.

One of the most consistent points of feedback to receive after a presentation is how one of my stories connected with a pivotal moment in an audience member’s life, a “me, too” moment, if you will. A common response from business owners with whom I have worked is that I helped communicate a bigger perspective than the folks caught up in the day-to-day operations.

My Christian faith is center of my life; however, I enjoy speaking to a variety of audiences, including businesses, schools, civic groups, sports teams/organizations, churches, nonprofit organizations, and conferences–any group wanting to make a difference in the world.

Ready to talk about bringing in to Al Ainsworth to speak to your organization?

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