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Book Week: Reflections on Coach Dave Season Three

Reflections on Coach Dave Season Three

Coach Dave Season FiveThe final book of my Coach Dave series releases on Friday, October 27, 2017. Each release has coincided with spring training or the World Series for the last couple of years. In this week’s posts, I reflect on each book in the series from a writer’s perspective. Today: Reflections on Coach Dave Season Three.

Coach Dave is a new history teacher at Southburg Middle School. He wants to concentrate on making a good impression as a first-year teacher, so he declines an opportunity to coach his players through fall baseball. However, when the middle school coach is caught in wrongdoing, Coach Dave steps in as the coach of the Southburg Middle School Eagles, to his players’ delight. The season is not without its conflict, as rival coach Fletcher Brandt offers resistance at seemingly every turn, and Coach Dave faces a personal crisis, as well.

As Coach Dave’s various teams progress from recreational baseball to all-stars to middle school and, finally, to high school tryouts, a group of players and their dads come to realize that baseball is less a destination and more a vehicle. I am excited to wrap up the series with Coach Dave Season Five: The Next Level, including a “where are they now” chapter that follows Coach Dave’s players into adulthood, where they reflect on the impact of playing for Coach Dave.

Book Week: Reflections on Coach Dave Season Three

Favorite character

Hunter Brandt breaks away from the mold of his dad, win-at-all-costs Coach Fletcher Brandt. He and fellow injured teammate Jud Franklin come up with a unique way to encourage a fellow teammate.

Favorite real-life basis

A couple of years ago, my school’s girls basketball coach gave only one “character” award when he could have given as many as three. His team had an abundance of young ladies who were worthy of such awards, but the team had just one senior. The others won their awards in due time, but the team still had plenty to play for the following year, so the coach gave just the one award. Coach Dave takes a similar approach for his post-season awards.

Favorite quote:

I have never played so little and had so much fun. (Hunter Brandt)

Player’s takeaway

Whatever your role on any given team, be the greatest teammate you can be.

Parent’s takeaway

Cook breakfast for your kids and their friends. Often. And listen.

Coach’s takeaway

It’s as cliche as any saying in all of sports, but take it one game at a time. Every coach learns this–many the hard way–but in elimination tournament play, you can’t play the next game until you win the one in front of you. Ask me about the summer baseball tournament I coached over thirty years ago….

From an Author’s Perspective

Reflections on Coach Dave Season Three means remembering the book in which the characters of my series began to take on lives of their own. That was a special feeling as a writer. Many days, the writing became easy as the characters told me what they wanted to say and do. That would continue through the rest of the series. (I wrote about this while I was writing Season Three–read that blog post here.)

From a writer’s perspective, that was the day the muse showed up, and the scene practically wrote itself. I felt a little caught in the middle myself that day, caught between the story that was unfolding in my mind and the screen upon which it appeared. Fellow writers, you understand.


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