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Book Week: Reflections on Coach Dave Season Two

Reflections on Coach Dave Season Two

Coach Dave Season FiveThe final book of my Coach Dave series releases on Friday, October 27, 2017. Each release has coincided with spring training or the World Series for the last couple of years. In this week’s posts, I reflect on each book in the series from a writer’s perspective. Today: Reflections on Coach Dave Season Two.

Coach Dave was never supposed to coach the Southburg All-Stars. That was reserved for Fletcher Brandt, coach of the Yankees, who had made it his mission to scout every player in the league since coach-pitch and to decorate his house with trophies won in youth league baseball. He didn’t count on Coach Dave’s moving to town.

As Coach Dave’s various teams progress from recreational baseball to all-stars to middle school and, finally, to high school tryouts, a group of players and their dads come to realize that baseball is less a destination and more a vehicle. I am excited to wrap up the series with Coach Dave Season Five: The Next Level, including a “where are they now” chapter that follows Coach Dave’s players into adulthood, where they reflect on the impact of playing for Coach Dave.

Book Week: Reflections on Coach Dave Season Two

Favorite character

Kevin Forsythe is an all-star just like the rest of the team, even though he didn’t start on his regular-season team. Coach Dave keeps Kevin involved as his first base coach, and he and the rest of the team discover that Kevin has a gift for coaching. Coach Dave shocks the league’s coaches by naming Kevin one of his all-star coaches.

Favorite real-life basis

I was Kevin Forsythe in high school. I played, even started, but I didn’t spend as much time running the bases as many of my teammates, so I was available to coach. I threw batting practice almost every day, too. Kevin will begin to do that soon enough in the series.

Favorite quote:

“I think we did a good job of remembering why we play the game today.” (Kevin Forsythe)

Player’s takeaway

Baseball is a game. No matter how high your level of play, you should be having at least a little bit of fun while you’re playing it.

Coach’s takeaway

Take at least one practice every season to focus on having fun. When I coached baseball, I looked for a time when my team was feeling the grind of a long season to call for a wiffle ball game. That’s all we would do for that practice. When I coached basketball, I would dedicate one practice for something like a skills competition or a father-son game. Use your imagination; better yet, let your players invent their own game.

From an Author’s Perspective

Reflections on Coach Dave Season Two include a couple of chapters that consisted mostly of texts among characters. That was a new narrative drive for me. I’m not the first to try it, certainly, but I had fun working it into the story.


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