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Lines in the Gravel

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Lines in the Gravel (and 52 Other Re-Told Childhood Tales) is more than simply a nostalgic collection of my childhood memories. As I have often repeated, “Nostalgia reaches into the past with both hands to grasp something that is gone and likely never will be again. Legacy, on the other hand, reaches into the past with one hand to grasp what is teachable and passes it forward with the other hand to the next generation.” This book is about legacy.

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Values Storying

Lines in the Gravel is an engaging, often humorous, series of snapshots about Al Ainsworth’s experiences growing up in Star, Mississippi. It is one story—told by a collection of stories—of family and faith that transcends his own experience to connect with others who seek to perpetuate their own values through the stories they tell…and re-tell.

As I began progressing through writing the stories, I began to see purpose behind the stories that we tell…and re-tell. The values passed down from generation to generation have woven a fabric that makes it mean something to be a part of our family. Don’t you want that in your own family? I hope that you purchase the book and follow along with the tales of my Lines in the Gravel family. More than just buying and reading the book, though, I hope your family and other families will be strengthened through the telling and re-telling of their own stories.

Praise for Lines in the Gravel:

“Delightful! An inspiring, touching, and oftentimes humorous look at family life in small-town Mississippi. Through the wonder of story, Lines in the Gravel reminds us of the importance of passing along to the next generation those values that have blessed us and shaped us for good. Whether you grew up in a warm and loving family or a highly dysfunctional family, you’ll be better for having read this book!”

Stan Buckley
Executive Director, But God Ministries
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Jackson, MS (2004-2011)

“The places of our childhood may have been different, but I recognized a common thread between Al Ainsworth’s stories in Lines in the Gravel (and 52 Other Re-Told Childhood Tales) and those from my own childhood. The same values of faith and family that I learned growing up in rural Mississippi continue to be the values that guide me as the leader of my own home and as the leader of young men today. Al reminds us all to express our values of faith and family through the stories that we tell.”

Hugh Freeze
Head Football Coach
University of Mississippi

“Growing up in the South Mississippi family that I did, sports and stories were constant companions. The sport or the level at which it was being played didn’t matter. Much of what it took for me to have success in the NFL can be traced back to games all over South Mississippi and the conversations that happened in the Favre household afterward. Lines in the Gravel (and 52 Other Re-Told Childhood Tales) reminds us of the value of our stories to shape who we are and who we aspire to be.”

Brett Favre
Three-Time National Football League MVP

Purchase Lines in the Gravel



For Kindle or Kindle app

Through Channillo (w/ additional bonus chapters)