Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

Stories from the Roller Coaster

Stories from the Roller Coaster

Writer and speaker Al Ainsworth delves into the tension between the fear and bravery of a faith life. He tells the stories of God’s calling him to trust, even when life brought twists and turns, darkness, and total inversion. His stories are written to connect the reader with his or her own stories of faith…and to remember to tell them to the next generation.

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From the foreword:

In getting to know my friend Al Ainsworth over the course of several years now, I find myself moved time and time again by “me, too” moments. These moments spring from our conversations and they leap off the pages of his writings. Often, I experience a charge of joy and relief when reading that someone else has experienced something I have, and I hear myself saying those two superlative, utterly human words: me, too. Page after page, I find myself saying I’ve been there, I’ve felt that, I understand you… or, more correctly, you understand me! Stories from the Roller Coaster is Al’s revealing himself through the stories of his life. This type of transparency is not unlike inviting others into your home and saying “I trust you. Come on in. This is who I am. Take a look around. Make yourselves comfortable.”

Al Ainsworth is not only a master storyteller but also a storyteller with a mission. His greatest desire is that you will experience significant “me, too” moments on your own great journey of faith. As you follow his faith stories and read of his desire to walk more closely in the footsteps of Jesus, perhaps you, too, will be inspired to say…”me, too.”

Scott Hanberry

Senior Pastor

Hardy Street Baptist Church

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Stories from the Roller CoasterOrder Stories from the Roller Coaster.