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Coach Dave: Another Inning in the Books

Another Inning in the Books

A climactic moment of my new book, Coach Dave, took place at the Olive Branch Chick Fil A.

Coach Dave: Another Inning in the Books

I could not have attempted to write a book during a more hectic spring. I started a writer’s mastermind group, did color commentary for Lewisburg High School baseball’s internet broadcast, worked part-time doing some landscaping work, prepared for and went on a mission trip…. You get the picture. To try to write a book during that time was–at the very least–difficult.


Once we could write Older Brother and the other seniors’ last inning in the books a couple of weeks ago, it was time to finish Coach Dave. It was time to decide which way the book’s climactic moment would turn. Pulled between what I thought were two very different options, I wrote 24 of the 25 chapters and began the first edit without an ending.

I took advantage of my boss last week. He hired me to help him with some small landscaping projects that help our family make ends meet while we wait for my writing and speaking career to take orbit. He is, like me, a former English teacher. He taught at the middle school level, the very reading level for which I was aiming. So I pitched my ideas for an ending to him. By the end of the day, I had mentally put the last inning in the books for the story. It was an ending different from either of the two I had long considered.


On Friday, May 15, at 3:19 in the afternoon at the Olive Branch Chick Fil A, I wrote the final word of first draft of Coach Dave. Just because I’m a baseball guy, and baseball guys give more stats that anyone could ever use, I had 14% of my computer battery life remaining.

And now…

The deeper editing begins now. Beta readers get proof copies in their hands within a couple of weeks. Formatting of the cover and the interior is already underway. Soon, we’ll get this inning in the books and get the book in your hands to help re-shape the culture of youth baseball.

But on Friday?

I celebrated with an ice cream cone.


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