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Coach Dave Is Going to Spring Training

Coach Dave Is Going to Spring Training

Coach Dave Is Going to Spring Training

Coach Dave Is Going to Spring Training

This week, in hamlets and burgs all over the fruited plain, the arrival of spring will arrive with the magic words that defrost the coldest winter chill: Pitchers and catchers report. No matter if my local weather forecast portends wintry precip or an unseasonable warm front, pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training sites in Florida and Arizona means that spring has arrived…somewhere.

I went for a wintry run yesterday–all bundled up in gloves, jacket, and hat–after hours of poring over revisions for my next book, Coach Dave Season Two: All-Stars. I needed to stretch my legs after completing my second set of revisions, a rigorous one this time. While giving my muscles a chance to heat up, my mind was also racing with the similarities between spring training and editing a baseball book.

Baseball Spring Training: Teams arrive in warm weather locales with their rosters pretty much in place. Only a few roster spots are open to competition on most squads.

Coach Dave Spring Training: The main storylines of Coach Dave Season Two are in place. Beta readers may lead me toward unforeseen changes, but the key components are in place.

Baseball: Players come to spring training looking to make a statement…or simply make the team.

Coach Dave: Many of the prominent characters from Coach Dave Season One are back, though some of the roles have changed as new players are added to a growing Southburg baseball world.

Baseball: The beginning of baseball spring training brings renewal and hope and other universal desires. Six weeks later, spring training can become a grind as teams are ready to turn the page to games that count.

Coach Dave: Creating the conflicts, climaxes, and resolutions and the scenes that contain them is the fun part. The story and the characters within it often take on lives of their own. When the story is finished and editing and revising begin, so does the grind.

Baseball: Amidst the drills, the spring training competition, and the numerous roster decisions to be made, there is one primary carrot dangling in front of the players: Opening Day. For some players, it is a sprint to crack the 25-man roster. For the veterans, the focus is getting in their work to prepare for the 162-game marathon to follow.

Coach Dave: My goal is a release date. Coach Dave Season Two: All-Stars will release around Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, April 3. That’s a Sunday, so I’m shooting for the week prior.


Coach Dave Is Going to Spring TrainingI’m writing the Coach Dave series to assist youth baseball players, parents, and coaches to see more than wins and losses. The game has many opportunities for all involved to learn some pretty important life lessons while they are competing on the diamond. Just like baseball itself, the lessons in the Coach Dave books are wrapped up in some entertaining on- and off-field stories

How can you use Coach Dave to enhance your appreciation for America’s pastime? For one, if you haven’t read the first book yet, get Coach Dave Season One today and get started. Secondly, keep up with Season Two and future seasons by adding your name to Coach Dave’s email list.


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