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Coach Dave: A Lineup Change

Lineup change

Coach Dave: A Lineup Change

Sometimes a coach’s best-laid plans just don’t work out. Something’s not clicking. The coach did his best to prepare for the big game, but his strategy is just not getting it done. That’s when his inner strategist must hand over the reins to his inner tactician for a lineup change.

That happens to writers, too.

I had the tremendous pleasure to speak to a children’s literature class at the University of Memphis last week about the Coach Dave series. They were an enthusiastic group–especially for a 2:00 class–with tremendous questions. One stood out in particular on that day:

Do you ever regret becoming a writer?

I certainly wouldn’t summarize the last three years with a stamp of regret. However, there are moments, and I have seemed stuck in one for the last couple of weeks. It all started with combining the lessons I have learned with my previous three books and getting started with the cover design earlier. I actually had covers for my next two books from the same graphic designer ready to roll. All I had to do was finish the manuscripts. And then it started to unravel.

  • A couple of edited manuscripts into the process, I submitted to CreateSpace to make sure everything was on track with formatting. That’s when I discovered that my cover for Coach Dave Season Two was not the right size. I notified my graphic designer via email. Crickets.
  • Weeks later–and still very much ahead of my Major League Baseball Opening Day target date in late March–I finally heard back from him. He would make the changes. Cool.
  • Several attempts later, his graphic still wasn’t working. With some local help, I was able to get a workable cover. A few edits on the manuscript and Coach Dave Season Two: All-Stars would be on deck…early.
  • I ran a T-shirt campaign, and it, too, was right on track. Until I received an email asking for a receipt from purchasing the photo from the attached website where it was not even for sale electronically. Well, Mr. Graphic Designer? Crickets…

Do I ever regret becoming a writer? No, I still love to write, but I do regret learning some of the peripheral lessons the hard way. And I do hate missing deadlines, even self-imposed ones.

Lineup change. New cover.

The good news is that Coach Dave Season Two will be stepping to the plate within the next day or two on Amazon, and I will have copies in hand in the next week or so. Here’s the new cover. Here’s hoping this lineup change produces a winner.

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Lineup changeLineup change




Front Cover Photo Credit: Jamie Roach / (I can produce a receipt!)

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