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Coach Dave: Rob’s Secret

Coach Dave: Rob's Secret

Coach Dave is a nice guy, sure. He coaches his team to play within the rules, certainly. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a fire to win, though. Coach Dave is purposeful and he always seems to have a trick up his sleeve. Take the big game with the Storm, for example. A scoreless game in which both ace pitchers are at their best. Any ol’ kind of run could win this one. Suddenly, Coach Dave sees an opportunity to use a secret strategy…but not one for which his team is unprepared.

Coach Dave: Rob's Secret

Enjoy “Rob’s Secret,” an excerpt from Coach Dave: Season One. Then, purchase Coach Dave for any players, parent, or coach you know who is involved in youth baseball.


Rob’s Secret (an excerpt from Coach Dave: Season One)

With the bases loaded and still just one out, Rob was due up. Coach Dave called him back and summoned Bo Nelson from the bench. Pulling the two together, the Scarlet Knight coach laid out his strategy. When the coach was finished, Rob removed his helmet and returned dejectedly to the bench as Bo took a few practice swings in the on-deck circle.

“Aw, Brad, that’s too bad,” Bruce said as the other dads avoided eye contact with me. “I don’t know about that move. I think Rob would have gotten that run home.”

I was disappointed. I understood the purpose of the league rule of all the players batting, but with our team having three substitutes against none for the Storm, the rules were certainly working against us in this instance. I swallowed my disappointment for Rob’s sake. “Come on, Bo!”

Jud Franklin walked around the mound as Bo prepared to step into the batter’s box. He stole a glance down the third base line where Fletcher Brandt gave him a thumbs up. He grinned slightly and stepped on the pitching rubber to deliver his first pitch. He wound and fired a fastball. Suddenly, Bo squared and pushed a bunt just past the lefty toward the second baseman. Bo was out by a step at first base as Wyatt sprinted across the plate with the first run of the game! The entire Knight side of the field erupted in celebration as Bo returned to the dugout. Rob was the first to greet him with a big bear hug.


Kate had taken Ethan and Jenny to get a bite to eat, so I had a chance to talk to Rob alone on the way home. He was quiet and introspective on our walk to the parking lot, and I could tell he had something on his mind. I was certain I knew what it was.

“Son,” I said as we buckled our seat belts, “I know you were disappointed when Coach Dave took you out of the game. I would have liked to see what you could have done in that situation. I think you could have gotten the job done, too. I think Coach probably felt the same way. But you understand why Coach had to make that move, don’t you?”

“Dad,” Rob began slowly, “can you keep a secret?”


 Discover Rob’s Secret

Find out the secret behind the Scarlet Knights’ game-winning strategy and more about the kid who made it happen when you read Coach Dave: Season One, available now in paperback and available for  your Kindle or Kindle reading app.

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