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Coach Dave Season Four: A Manhood Journey

Manhood journey

Coach Dave Season Four: A Manhood Journey

In last week’s post (“The Journey: What Is a Real Man?”), I included an excerpt from my forthcoming Coach Dave Season Four: Travel Ball. In it, I alluded to the journey that Coach Dave’s thirteen-year-old travel baseball team will travel together on and off the field, a manhood journey.

I’m still traveling this road with my sons. I have also instructed and pointed the way for dozens of students through a road map that I discovered in my own manhood journey. More on that in just a moment.

First, though, a manhood journey must start somewhere and point toward something. What defines a “real man”?

  • SixManhood journey-pack abs?
  • Cool hair?
  • Tats?
  • Stylish clothes?
  • A love for puppies?
  • A helmet, sword, and shield?
  • An education?
  • A job?
  • A girlfriend, fiancee, wife?

A Helpful Definition to Point the Way

Many years ago, the president of the board at my school gave me and the other coaches on our staff a book called Raising a Modern-Day Knight by Robert Lewis. It was transformational in my own manhood journey because it put into words what I intuitively knew to be true. The four principles of the book revolved around four statements:

  • A real man rejects passivity.
  • A real man accepts responsibility.
  • A real man leads courageously.
  • A real man expects the greater reward (God’s reward).

In Season Three, some of the dads on Coach Dave’s team recognize a pivotal moment in their son’s lives and in their own ability to guide them on a manhood journey. Coach Dave’s father had passed away suddenly; afterward, Gary “Rooster” Hamilton’s son asks his father a question that Rooster could not answer.

From the first parent meeting in Season One, Coach Dave had made it a major priority to tell his players that he was more interested in who they were becoming than in what they were becoming on the baseball field. After seeing Coach Dave receive the tragic news of his father’s passing, Rooster’s son, David Wayne, knew that his coach would have what it took to bounce back stronger than ever from that adversity. Then, he asks the question that led to the manhood journey of Season Four: “Dad, who am I becoming?”

As a parent or as a coach, do you know how to guide your son through that adventure? I hope that Coach Dave Season Four will be an enjoyable read, but more than that, I hope it stirs up some questions and gives hope to parents, coaches, and players as they all walk through their teenager’s manhood journey.

One last thing: Often, when I have talked to groups or classes about the principles I learned through Raising a Modern-Day Knight, the question comes up about teenagers without a father in the home. I made sure to address this in Season Four. In fact, one of those young men’s manhood journey is the focus of the story. Be sure to check out Coach Dave Season Four when it releases in late March.

Manhood journey

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