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Coach Dave Season Four: The Scarlet Knights Are Back!

Southburg Scarlet Knights

Coach Dave Season Four: The Scarlet Knights Are Back!

A synopsis of the latest tale from the Southburg Scarlet Knights:

Coach Dave and his players are back, playing this time as a thirteen-year-old travel team. Rooster, Dean, Charlie, Brad, and the other dads are back, too, in their most crucial roles yet, laying out a pathway to manhood for the Scarlet Knights. Throw in new competition, a mystery scout, and the trouble brewing in rival Coach Fletcher Brandt’s household, and the team is in for an eventful summer.

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Coach Dave Season Four: Travel Ball centers around the ongoing saga between polar opposite coaches Dave Rivers and Fletcher Brandt. Reader favorite Hunter Brandt, the son of the win-at-all-costs Yankee coach, takes center stage as his parents’ marriage begins to crumble. Trapped between his love for his dad and his loyalty to his teammates from middle school–most of whom are now in the opposing dugout–he makes a decision that could bring healing…or disaster.

Hunter’s story plays out in the midst of a new challenge for Coach Dave’s team, competing for the first time as a travel baseball team. The players are certainly talented enough. Under Coach Dave’s leadership, they push themselves beyond the familiar on and off the field but face new situations that will test their mettle, but are they doing enough? Fletcher Brandt’s Elite Baseball Academy Yankees have a professional scout showing up to their games. Are you kidding?!? Are the Scarlet Knights falling behind?

Manhood Academy

The group of dads who are trying to guide their sons toward manhood also face a new challenge. How will they equip their sons to live up to Coach Dave’s mantra that WHO they are becoming is more important than WHAT they are becoming on the baseball field, especially as they draw closer to high school tryouts and varsity careers and college scholarships?

Manhood Academy is the process that the dads choose to keep their sons focused on what matters most in their lives and not get carried away with baseball like the rival Yankees. But can they still compete on the field? Coach Dave’s squad has several opportunities to square off with their rivals in Season Four.

Follow the team as their on-field challenges present possibilities for the Scarlet Knights to live out what they are learning.

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