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Coach Dave Season Two Is Now Live!

Coach Dave Season Two_Kindle Cover

Coach Dave Season Two Is Now Live!

The wait is over. The long fly ball that has been hanging suspended from Coach Dave: Season One now has a resolution. Coach Dave Season Two: All-Stars is now live and ready to read. Click the link below to order and start reading now…or between games at the baseball field between games this weekend.

Or order the paperback version here. (Should appear on Amazon in the next couple of days. Locally, I will have books in hand in about a week or so.)

Coach Dave Season Two (from the back cover)

Coach Dave Rivers has been named coach of the twelve-year-old Southburg All-Stars. His team has the talent and versatility to compete for championships. However, his fellow All-Star coach is his nemesis, Fletcher Brandt. Will their very different philosophies be able to mesh in time for the team to play to its capacity? Or will their inability to find common ground be the downfall of the team?

Join some of the players, coaches, and dads from Coach Dave: Season One as they meet new teammates and dads to learn about life through the game of baseball. Enjoy the gripping game action and wrestle with issues that threaten the integrity of youth baseball.

About the Author

Coach Dave Season Two Author Al AinsworthAl Ainsworth has loved the game of baseball for over 40 years as a player, youth league and high school coach, broadcaster, baseball dad, and fan. He writes often about baseball on his Values Storying blog.



Author’s Note: I would like to give a major shout-out to Alan Goodwin for his help in designing a new cover on the fly. After the difficulties with the original cover, he was a lifesaver in getting Coach Dave Season Two: All-Stars to press. (And he will make somebody a good son-in-law one of these days.)

About Al Ainsworth

Al Ainsworth is a values storyteller. He works with individuals, businesses, churches, and other organizations to pass along their values through the stories they tell…and re-tell.

Al is the author of Lines in the Gravel, Stories from the Roller Coaster (of a Faith Life), and the Coach Dave series. Subscribe to his email list for more values storying.

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