Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next



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  1. John Hay

    I just finished reading Lines in the Gravel and wanted to send you a note. In case you’re wondering, I’m Alex Hay’s dad. I bought the book from you this summer while at a tournament in Millington, TN. It took me a while to finish as I have a bad habit of reading several books at once. You did a terrific work. It touched me, made me laugh out loud and well up when you spoke of Mike Abel’s death. As a reader, we tend to see our own childhood through your stories….it took me back and stirred up some old memories. It makes me long for the good ole days. Unfortunately, the family is becoming extinct in America. I hope that our children or our children’s children will be able to reflect back on their childhood stories and have that common thread of love and family.
    Thanks again for your book….job well done!!!
    John Hay

    1. Thank you so much, John. I can’t tell you how humbling it is when people tell me how the book caused them to connect with their own stories. Thanks again for letting me know how it touched you. Al

  2. I purchased your book, LINES IN THE GRAVEL, from your mother about a month ago. It proved to be a page-turner. Very good. I just tried to like you on Facebook; but, the link seems not to be working. I am currently the president of Friends of Richland Library in Richland, MS. At last night’s meeting, we discussed renewing our Meet the Author programs. I specifically mentioned your book and we are considering asking you to come and give us a talk, probably after the New Year. I will explore your, “Speaking Page,” later today. I do hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks for reaching out, Beth. I would love to work out something with the Richland Library. I’m not sure what day(s) of the week you are looking to schedule the Meet the Author program, but I will be in the area on March 6 (Friday). I am the color commentator for the Lewisburg High School baseball internet broadcast, and we have games that afternoon and evening at Pearl. I would probably be able to come a day early or stay a day later or speak that Friday morning if that works out with the library’s schedule.

      I’m not sure what’s up with my Facebook link; I sent you a friend request, so maybe we can connect through my end.

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