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Favorite Characters: More Rooster, Please

Coach Dave: Favorite Characters

Favorite Characters: More Rooster, Please

Coach Dave: Favorite CharactersWelcome to book launch week! Coach Dave Season Four is now available in paperback and e-book (releases Friday).

I often ask my loyal Coach Dave readers who their favorite characters are. I have written about how Hunter Brandt’s character took a life of its own due to reader feedback. But always, always, when I ask about favorite characters, the answer is, “Rooster.” So in Season Four, you get more Rooster. Here’s a sample from a late night game against the Scarlet Knights’ old rival, the Pettyville Panthers.

“Oh, I hate playing these guys. They just get under our skin every time.” Rooster was pacing and the teams had not yet begun to stretch and throw before the late-night game.

Hunter Logan looked around to the handful of dads gathered early for the game with a gleam in his eye. “Hey, Rooster, look over there at our boys. Whaddya see?” The boys were kicking a wadded paper cup and trying to keep it in the air. Their laughter and general camaraderie drew smiles from the Crockett County fans sitting on the first base side of the field watching their team play. Rooster answered,

“Buncha kids goofin’ off who need to get their minds on the ball game.”

Hunter waited until Rooster started pacing again. “Hey, Rooster, look over there at our wives. Whaddya see?” Kate and some of the other wives were gathered between fields and out of the way of the fans of the games in progress. “I see ‘em over there talkin’ about us. They’re laughin’ now, so they must be talkin’ about you, Logan.”

Rooster started to pace again but then caught us looking at him. “What?”

“Hey, Rooster, look over here at us,” Hunter said. “Whaddya see?”

“A bunch of goofballs.” Pointing over toward the growing group of players, he added, “Apples don’t fall far from the tree. What’s your point?”

“Exactly whose skin do the Pettyville Panthers get under? Look at everybody else and then take a look at yourself. I thought you were trying to quit all this pacing.”

“I guess all of you guys are sayin’ that we just had a great time playin’ them last summer? Nobody else remembers the wild games we had over at their place?”

“Oh, we remember. We also remember where we are right now—not in Pettyville.” He stopped for a moment so that his next statement would sink in. “And, Rooster, guess who is back in Pettyville? Their umpires.”

“Stirring’ up some home cookin’, you can count on that,” Rooster retorted.

“If you’ll recall, though, their kids got along pretty well with our boys. Let ’em play, Rooster.”

“You don’t think they need to get focused?” Rooster pointed to the Scarlet Knights, who were now flipping the same wadded cup with the backs of their gloves.

“Nope. I like seeing ‘em loose like that. They’ll flip the switch. Now, relax, will ya?”

Coach Dave: Favorite CharactersOrder your copy of Coach Dave Season Four: Travel Ball today and find your favorite characters from the Coach Dave series..

Check back on the blog throughout the week for more about the book. Have a great week!

“Loved Coach Dave…wonderfully written about the truth of youth baseball!!”

–Junior college coach

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