Writing stories to pass values from one generation to the next

Free Book!

Abboisms CoverI want to give you a fun, free book that it took my family generations to write. The book is called Abboisms (and Other Such Samuncrium). It’s a collection of Southern sayings, most of which have been around in my family for at least four generations.

The book is mainly for entertainment, but there’s a catch. With my focus on values storying (passing our values from one generation to the next through the stories we tell…and re-tell), I want to offer you another filter through which to read my first collection of Abboisms. Sometimes, it’s the crazy and goofy things we do as families, churches, teams, classes, and organizations that we remember most.

Case in point: My son’s high school spring break trip began with three convincing wins over good teams. These were followed by three harrowing defeats. However, the memory that most of the the team’s players and parents hold up as the highlight of the trip was an hour-long rain delay in which three teams competed for the craziest antics. That’s something they will remember far beyond their playing careers.

So check it out and consider what treasures you might be holding in the craziness of your family or organization. Craziness that just might be part of the glue that holds you together.

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