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How to Name a Grandmother

How to Name a GrandmotherHow to Name a Grandmother

This post about family history questions reminded me of one of my favorite stories that my grandmother told me one time. One day, I thought to ask her why she decided to be known to her grandchildren as Granny rather than a multitude of other choices. Her answer indicated that her choice was a calculated decision not left to happenstance. Her answer showed that she knew how to name a grandmother.

Every Grandparent Faces a Choice

Every grandparent either chooses what their grandchildren call them or the grandkids choose for them. That’s dicey business, by the way, because those little ones you love so much could be the very ones calling you Ding Dong or Gagoo or Big Mama…I’m just saying. If you are wary of this happening to you one day, let my granny teach you how to name a grandmother. Check out the video below:

How to Name a GrandmotherGranny has been gone for many years now, but because she told me the story of how she arrived at the name her grandchildren would her, that part of her story lives on. I feel very blessed to have asked Granny that question. There are many more that I wish I would have asked her and my other grandparents. I may have learned much more than simply how to name a grandmother.

Take a look at this post for some ideas about how to start an inter-generational conversation in your family. Like I suggested yesterday, invite a recording device along for the discussion. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


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