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The Coach Dave Series

Coach Dave Season One

When newcomer Coach Dave Rivers introduces a new way of coaching 12-year-old baseball to the Southburg Baseball League, his methods and motivation are brought into question by a circle of dads looking to critique his every move. If the internal struggles of the Scarlet Knights weren’t enough, the imposing Yankee squad and their overzealous coach also stand in the way of their championship dreams. Told through the eyes of fellow newcomer Brad Baker and his son Rob, Coach Dave is a refreshing look at the potential that youth baseball has to teach life lessons to a new generation of players, parents, and coaches.

Coach Dave Season Two: All-Stars

Coach Dave Rivers has been named coach of the twelve-year-old Southburg All-Stars. His team has the talent and versatility to compete for championships. However, his fellow All-Star coach is his nemesis, Fletcher Brandt. Will their very different philosophies be able to mesh in time for the team to play to its capacity? Or will their inability to find common ground be the downfall of the team? Join some of the players, coaches, and dads from Coach Dave: Season One as they meet new team- mates and dads to learn about life through the game of baseball. Enjoy the gripping game action and wrestle with issues that threaten the integrity of youth baseball.

Coach Dave Season Three: Middle School

Coach Dave’s boys are back and facing a new set of conflicts on and off the baseball field in Coach Dave Season Three: Middle School. With middle school tryouts coming up soon and Coach Dave concentrating on his new teaching job at Southburg Middle School, should they play fall baseball for win-at-all-costs Coach Fletcher Brandt? How many seventh graders will make the team and how will they adjust to playing at a higher level? As always, their dads will be watching from down the baseline and trying to guide their sons through the many changes that they face. Coach Dave is back, too, in an unexpected new role. Join them all as they try to live out Coach Dave’s mantra that WHO the young men are becoming is more important than WHAT they are becoming.

Coach Dave Season Four: Travel Ball

Coach Dave and his players are back, playing this time as a thirteen-year-old travel team. Rooster, Dean, Charlie, Brad, and the other dads are back, too, in their most crucial roles yet, laying out a pathway to manhood for the Scarlet Knights. Throw in new competition, a mystery scout, and the trouble brewing in rival Coach Fletcher Brandt’s household, and the team is in for an eventful summer.

Coach Dave Season Five: The Next Level

After two of the better players in the league move to play for defending champion Washington Central, Coach Dave’s Southburg squad faces an uphill climb to reach their goal of winning the league championship. With high school tryouts looming just beyond the championship game, can Coach Dave keep his team’s focus on playing for one another before they compete against one another to make the high school team?


Lines in the Gravel

Lines in the Gravel is an engaging, often humorous, series of snapshots about Al Ainsworth’s experiences growing up in Star, Mississippi. It is one story—told by a collection of stories—of family and faith that transcends his own experience to connect with others who seek to perpetuate their own values through the stories they tell…and re-tell.

Stories from the Roller Coaster

Stories from the Roller Coaster (of a Faith Life) is a collection of “faith meets man’s plans” recollections. The author’s faith steps will inspire, encourage, and challenge you in your own faith walk. His goal in writing this book is to connect you with your own faith stories and to challenge you to pass them along to the next generation.


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