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Mysterious Third Verses: Christmas Carols Edition

Christmas carols

Mysterious Third Verses: Christmas Carols Edition

Back in August on the FamilyStoryLegacy blog, I posted what became a wildly popular post and quiz about mysterious missing third verses of popular traditional hymns. Readers–even lifelong church goers–were surprised at third verses that they had never before heard. I wondered, how would my readers do on a similar quiz of popular Christmas carols?

A few years ago, my church small group went Christmas caroling and faced a significant problem. The majority of the group needed the words to even the first verses!

I have heard most of the traditional Christmas carols for the better part of my life in church. However, we don’t sing them much in our church anymore–outside of our Christmas Eve service–opting instead for more contemporary arrangements and entirely new songs instead. I like them, too, but the Christmas carols that have spanned many generations are still my favorites.

And don’t even get me started on so-called “Christmas music” you hear on the radio….

Well, let’s find out how well the Values Storying community knows the third verses of Christmas carols. Here’s a quiz of 10 traditionally popular carols. Let me know how you do!

For those of you who may have missed out on the original third verses conversation and quiz, here are the links to each:


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  1. Reid Kirk

    That was fun. 100%

  2. Paula

    I must admit, I had to sing most of them to figure it out.

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