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Wait ’til This Year: An Ode to the 2016 Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs

Wait ‘til This Year: An Ode to the 2016 Cubs Hope springs eternal, The baseball sage once wrote, But he knew not of curses, Of Bartman…black cat…goat.   Cub fans held to next year When the Cubbies would be great, But next year turned to next year— Disappointment since ’08.   Miracle Mets and Marlins […]

Thank You, Chicago Cubs!

While this St. Louis Cardinals’ fan freely admits that a Chicago Cubs World Series win would be great for baseball, I confess that my letter of appreciation to those Chicago Cubs is not without ulterior motive. Thank You, Chicago Cubs The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series game at Wrigley Field since 1945 on […]

When Baseball Does Not Matter

baseball does not matter

When Baseball Does Not Matter I have friends who are wholly unconcerned with all things sportsball. Baseball does not matter to them at all, nor does any other sport. They don’t know about the history in the making in Major League Baseball right now. They don’t care about college baseball, high school ball, or youth […]

Inside Stories and a Sense of Community

Inside Stories

Inside Stories Inside stories give us a sense of belonging, a language within the multiple of worlds where we each find community, a sense of home. On the way to church on Sunday, I told the Little Fella that I almost texted him during the Cubs-Giants game while I was out of town a couple […]

Baseball Is Getting a Little More Confusing

Baseball is getting a little confusing

Baseball Is Getting a Little More Confusing A Coach Dave Season Three Excerpt: “Baseball Is Getting a Little More Confusing” Dean Ford, Gary “Rooster” Hamilton, and their sons joined Rob and me at the Southburg Yankees’ first fall league game. The Southburg Baseball League complex seemed unusually quiet after such a full summer of baseball. […]

Goodies with Granny

Goodies with Granny Granny always had goodies for her grandchildren. She started with my cousin Sonny, who is six years older than me, and carried on with the four of us, who rarely missed a day visiting with her and Pop. Aside from the days when our parents were present – when we collaborated with […]

5 Reasons to Attend the 2016 Mississippi Book Festival

5 Reasons to Attend the 2016 Mississippi Book Festival The 2016 Mississippi Book Festival is coming up this Saturday, August 20. It is an all-day celebration of books and brings together those who write them and those who read them. World-renown Mississippi author John Grisham kicked off last year’s inaugural festival, which drew over 3,500 […]

Reviewing My Summer Reading

Reviewing My Summer Reading Earlier this summer, I posted a list of books that I intended to read this summer. Now that in-service days have started at my school, I suppose that the door has closed on my summer reading. For the sake of my own accountability, I have posted updates below as to how […]