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Remember Grace. Now.

Several roads converged into a single thought: “Remember grace.”

Remember graceWhy a butterfly as the lead-in photo on the topic of grace? My friend Heather explains on her blog, Butterfly Genes. When you read the line “this incredible discrepancy between who we appear to be and who we truly are,” remember grace. It’s the space in between.

Remember Grace: A Convergence of Three Roads

I first wrote about remembering grace in 2014 when several roads were converging:

Road #1

I had been reading through the Psalms as part of a devotional book that some of my extended family were reading together. Phrases like “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!” and “Bless the Lord, O, my soul!” kept popping up in multiple psalms. The admonishment to “remember” is also a recurring theme in Psalms. (I know, by the way, that the idea of values storying–the passing down of values through the stories we tell…and re-tell–didn’t originate with me. Just to be clear. )

Road #2

I had been doing a deeper study of Romans, which is a constant reminder of grace. Really, any of Paul’s writings are constant reminders of grace.

Road #3

My friends at Longview Heights Baptist Church were going through a yearlong celebration of sorts. Each month, they focused on a different topic, like family or missions. I preached there during their “Celebration of God’s Faithfulness.” (You can listen to that message here.) Since the purpose of celebrating is remembering and passing forward the reason for celebration, you can see why their year of celebration has stuck with me, as well.

Remember Grace: The Reminder

As I sat on my back porch enjoying some peaceful time with the Lord one day, I felt a simple prompt from Him. Remember grace.

So…I thought, hey, I’ve got a smartphone that is constantly reminding me that I have an appointment or that I want to attend a certain webinar or that the Cardinals’ game that will be starting soon. Why not set myself up to better remember grace by actually setting reminders to do it? So I set reminders twice a day for the rest of the month to “remember grace.”

Remember Grace: The Dilemma

I was sitting at my computer when the first reminder to “Remember grace” popped up. I had set the alarm to “At time of event,” so the reminder looked like this:

Remember grace

So…it was on point to “Remember grace now.” Which is better, I figure, than “Remember grace in 15 minutes” or “Remember grace tomorrow.” But every time the reminder popped up, I had to make a decision to “Close” or to “Snooze.” Seems I created quite the conundrum.


Won’t you join me in this simple exercise? What do you need to remember?

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