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Spring Has Sprung: An Ode to Phil

Spring Has SprungSpring Has Sprung: An Ode to Phil

Pennsylvania’s famous rodent called for six more weeks of cold,

But I beg to differ if I may be so bold.

My forsythia hails the start of spring e’en with skies still gray,

And seventy-seven degrees called for fishing yesterday.

Azalea buds behind the porch bring spring thoughts to mind,

Knowing that cherry blossoms won’t be far behind.

Spring has sprung.



Phil’s shadow should never say six more weeks of “brrrrrr”

Because all he has to do is check the calendar

All that rodent needs to see is “pitchers and catchers report”

To know the time has come for winter to abort.

Spring has sprung.


Spring Has Sprung


While the big leagues get their start in locales warm and dry

Others brave fierce weather to give th’ ol’ college try.

Pennsylvania’s famous groundhog is obviously no baseball fan

For he does not see the hope that’s in the land.

Spring has sprung.


Budding flowers and baseball mean much the same to me,

Bringing hope that is the cure to my winter malady.

Winter hibernation turns to gloom, hopeless despair;

But hope returns in force when spring is in the air.

Spring has sprung.


Hope springs eternal from inside the human breast,

And sounds of leather popping always say it best

That baseball, which has marked the course of time

And been an inspiration for poetic men to rhyme,

Will be a clean slate this year, whether seventy or forty degrees.

Give me baseball, hopeful baseball…

…And sunny weather, please.


Spring has sprung.


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