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Is Your Steering Wheel Hard to Turn?

Steering Wheel Hard to TurnIs Your Steering Wheel Hard to Turn?

I remember clearly the trouble I was having with control about this time 30 years ago. The trouble wasn’t with my ’73 Mercury Comet GT–the steering worked just fine, much better than the brakes. But I digress. No, it was the steering wheel of my life that was hard to turn. Is your steering wheel hard to turn sometimes? I considered this question in Stories from the Roller Coaster:

The Lord moves in unexpected ways, but He has to get us moving first. Like the beginning of various roller coaster rides, sometimes He moves us slowly uphill, giving us a larger perspective of His plan. Other times, He shoots us very quickly into twists, turns, and loops that He has carefully laid out for us so that we can understand Him and what He expects from us. But we can’t attempt to control the ride.

I might think that of all the people on earth who might have my best interests in mind, the best one to control my life would be…me. However, repeated attempts to control my own ride of faith have taught me that when I try to take control of the direction of my life, I lead me toward destruction. Every. Single. Time.

–from Stories from the Roller Coaster (of a Faith Life)

Steering Wheel Hard to TurnThe first Bible passage I remember learning as a kid without the prodding of parents or church leaders was Proverbs 3:6. In the spring of 1985, as a college freshman, I gave my life to Christ and realized how futile my attempt had been to direct my own paths based on my own understanding. (Read the full story here.) I had found my steering wheel hard to turn because I was fighting against the One who wanted to drive.

Is Your Steering Wheel Hard to Turn?

That hasn’t been the only time since then that I have tried to wrest control of the wheel back from the Lord. No, that seems to be a constant struggle. What about you? Are you finding your steering wheel hard to turn? Maybe it’s time to trust in the Lord with all your heart. Maybe it’s time to trust His understanding and not your own. Maybe it’s time to acknowledge His lordship over your life and let Him make your paths straight.

How have you struggled with the Lord for control of your life? How do you practice keeping your hands off the wheel to let Him guide?

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