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Thank You, Chicago Cubs!

Thank You Chicago Cubs

While this St. Louis Cardinals’ fan freely admits that a Chicago Cubs World Series win would be great for baseball, I confess that my letter of appreciation to those Chicago Cubs is not without ulterior motive.

Thank You, Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series game at Wrigley Field since 1945 on Sunday night with a 3-2 win over the Cleveland Indians. The scene afterward belied the fact that they still trail in the Series three games to two. As the white flag with the big blue W climbed the pole beyond the ivy-covered center field wall, tens of thousands singing “Go, Cubs, Go” resounded through the night.

The series now shifts back to Cleveland, where on Tuesday the Indians seek the city’s second major championship in less than a year after a prolonged drought covering all its major sports and the Cubs look to stay alive in their quest for their first World Series championship in well over a century.

On a personal level, I was grateful for the Cubs victory because it allows me one more read-through of Coach Dave Season Three: Middle School before I finalize it for publication while still meeting my goal of publishing during the 2016 World Series. I submitted my final draft last night and anticipate its final acceptance later today. I’ll let you know when Amazon says “Go, Coach, go!”

Thank You Chicago Cubs
Coach Dave’s boys are back and facing a new set of conflicts on and off the baseball field in Coach Dave Season Three: Middle School. With middle school tryouts coming up soon and Coach Dave concentrating on his new teaching job at Southburg Middle School, should the boys play fall baseball for win-at-all-costs Coach Fletcher Brandt? How many seventh graders will make the team and how will they adjust to playing at a higher lever? As always, their dads will be watching from down the baseline and trying to guide their sons through the many changes that they face. Coach Dave is back, too, in an unexpected new role. Join them all as they try to live out Coach Dave’s mantra that WHO the young men are becoming is more important than WHAT they are becoming. A great read for youth baseball players, coaches, and parents.

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