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The Countdown Is On for a Fun Free Ebook!

Amanda’s husband knows what it means to “think like Parker’s dog.” And neither one of them has ever met my dad, the “Abbo” behind Abboisms (and Other Such Samuncrium), Vol. 1, a brand-new ebook that releases May 19. “Thought like Parker’s dog” and 24 other patently Southern words and phrases comprise this fun little book. And did I mention, it’s FREE?!?

Abboisms (and Other Such Samuncrium)

This is my dad. He’s looking forward to (virtually) walking you through the first set of Abboisms. Come on, it’ll be fun!

Jacqui was surprised to learn that “lay ordta catch meddlers” was not just a phrase that her grandmother said. I couldn’t believe that anybody outside of my family had ever responded in that manner. As kids, my sisters and brother and I just naturally assumed everybody else talked like we did and used the same vocabulary as we did. Some of the Abboisms in the book are peculiar to our family; others, we have discovered, are not.

Who knew that there may have been a basis for “lost as Hogan’s goat” or “long bibberty”? Who knew that other families had their own versions of Uncle Nabob? (Heck, I didn’t even know about Dr. Miller until my dad filled me in on him.) I can tell you one thing: It has been a lifelong adventure of discovery for this former English teacher to learn the etymology of Abboisms–though a degree of mystery still surrounds many of them.

Won’t you join in the fun? After all, it’s free. And it’s coming to you inbox on May 19!

So that the next generation will know (fun and all),



Al Ainsworth is the author of Lines in the Gravel (and 52 Other Re-Told Childhood Tales), a family memoir that introduces Abboisms and other such samuncrium.

Lines in the Gravel is available in paperback and for Kindle/Kindle app.



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Al Ainsworth is a values storyteller. He works with individuals, businesses, churches, and other organizations to pass along their values through the stories they tell…and re-tell.

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