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Wait ’til This Year: An Ode to the 2016 Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs

Wait ‘til This Year:
An Ode to the 2016 Cubs

Hope springs eternal,

The baseball sage once wrote,

But he knew not of curses,

Of Bartman…black cat…goat.


Cub fans held to next year

When the Cubbies would be great,

But next year turned to next year—

Disappointment since ’08.


Miracle Mets and Marlins

Jumped ahead in them in line

And became World Series champions

Before their should-be time.


Chicago teams with talent—

Like Sandberg, Dawson, Grace;

Prior, Wood, Zambrano

Could not quite win the race.


So the Cubs built a tradition

On Harry and WGN

While the Lovable Losers continued

On the outside looking in.


Then new owners came to fore

With but one thing in mind

To Fly the W beyond the wall

All winter long this time.


The Curse of the Bambino

Broken in ’04

Make Cub Nation wonder

If Theo could do more.


The woeful years that followed

While talent stockpiles built

This group would be a great one,

Loaded to the hilt.


Just one piece was missing

Before the story could be told

That one piece was put in place

When Maddon joined the fold.


They didn’t fear the Cardinals

In the playoffs in ‘15

They became the ‘16 favorites

In the off-season in between.


Their greatest stress reliever

Was playing fun and free

They became division champions

Their win count, one-oh-three.


The first two rounds of playoffs,

Their difficulties faced,

They could now prep Wrigley

For the last leg of the race.


Cleveland brought the hottest team,

Their pitching staff was stout;

Up three to two they went back home

Lacking twenty-seven outs.


But this Cub team was not finished;

They would not go away.

Russell’s slam caused them to live

To play another day.


The Indians’ best pitchers

For Game Seven held

And Chapman used so early that

More Cubs hopes were quelled.


If there is one thing that can be

Said about this team,

It’s that they never feared the odds

In chasing down a dream.


Then it looked all over

A new next year set to start,

Another wait’ll next year

With goats and cats and Bart.


But somewhere in this fabled land

Fans do sing and shout,

There is joy on the North Side—

The Cubbies have won out.


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