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Why I Return to Work Refreshed Today

Return to work refreshed

Why I Return to Work Refreshed Today

This morning, I return to work refreshed. I didn’t forget that research papers and senioritis await me. I remember that I return to a scheduled softball game and a weather forecast that puts it in jeopardy and that my role as sports information in the midst of the spring sports season can get pretty hectic.

But I return to work refreshed today. The four-day Easter weekend helped, but it was how I spent Friday through Monday that has given me a charge that hopefully will take me through the end of the school year. I remembered Coach Dave’s “pound of chocolate” principle.

Coach DaveReturn to work refreshed is my fictional coach who leads his players to see sports as a vehicle for learning life’s lesson. In Season One of the series, he introduces the pound of chocolate principle by asking his team’s parents if their sons liked chocolate. He followed up by asking them if they would feed their sons a pound of chocolate every day. Of course, they answered no because it would not be good for them. Neither is too much baseball, the young coach instructed.

Too Much Baseball

I didn’t eat even one ounce of chocolate over the Easter weekend. (Jelly beans, now, that’s another story.) However, in the month-and-a-half leading up to the most important holiday on the Christian calendar, I had consumed too much baseball. I knew it was coming when I filled out my schedules in February.

Older Brother plays two doubleheaders a week with his junior college team. He’s usually three hours or more away, so I have only been to eight of his games so far. I follow the others as closely as I can through the Gamechanger app, though. The Little Fella has a dozen or so games on his middle school schedule (almost all of which are close to an hour’s drive). His travel ball team has begun their season, as well. Sprinkle in the school softball team with which I assist, and, well, you can see how Coach Dave’s pound of chocolate principle applies to my life right now.

Three Straight Days with No “Chocolate”

Return to work refreshedI went three consecutive days without baseball or softball over Easter weekend. Mrs. Right, the Little Fella, and I drove see Older Brother not pitch on Saturday (the life of a relief pitcher’s family) and enjoyed the trip. The weather was great and so was the baseball (at least in Game One). Older Brother was able to come home for the rest of the weekend, too, which was nice.

I worked Saturday laying sod. Call me crazy, but I like laying sod, not to mention that all of this baseball doesn’t pay for itself. I know you’ll call me crazy on this one, but I was glad to have a little time late Saturday afternoon to start weeding a badly neglected flower bed.

Return to work refreshedSunday meant church with the whole family. Our church showed a video testimony from a dear friend whose diagnosis of throat cancer has brought out the Jesus in him. Two of my kids gave their lives to Jesus on Easter Sundays in the past, so it’s an even bigger deal to me than many folks. The barbecue nachos for lunch were pretty fine, too. (What…is that not what you had for Easter lunch?)

On Monday I enjoyed my second straight day of more than eight hours’ Return to work refreshedsleep. Before that, I can’t tell the last time I’ve one one such night’s sleep. I drank two unhurried cups of coffee, pulled more weeds, and caught up on a podcast or two. Best of all, I kept a burn pile going pretty much all day. My family will tell you that many of what I would call my most relaxing days involve a burn pile. I know, I know…it doesn’t take much to entertain me. I was even able to watch a movie and do a little writing.

But Guess What?

I return to work refreshed this morning. What about you? If it has been awhile since you have been refreshed, think about scheduling some time doing whatever gets you there. Then, return to work refreshed. Everyone at your place of work will benefit. Mostly you.

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