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From a Writer’s Perspective: Best of 2016

Best of 2016

From a Writer’s Perspective: Best of 2016

Okay, I’m going to confess that I don’t get as excited as many other bloggers about looking back to the previous year and writing about the highlights. It’s not that anything terrible happened to me personally this year or that my candidate didn’t win the election or that some celebrities that I didn’t even know died. I’m sorry if those things cast a shadow over your 2016.

No, I’m a goal setter, and I love the prospects of a new year. I’m a part of dwindling community of folks who still make New Year’s resolutions. I have a few that I’ll share with you after the first of the year. For now, a few writing highlights from the best of 2016.

Best of 2016: Writing Projects

I published Seasons Two and Three in the Coach Dave series and hit the marks of Opening Day and World Series. Now, to do that again in 2017….

I have also begun research on the story of a small-school Mississippi football coach who made a last-second call that went viral…before the internet. The story behind the story has been sitting just waiting to be told for far too long. This is a longer-term project, but 2016 was the year I began the process.

I wrote a few chapters for The Legend of Jarrett Jimmerson, a book I’m writing a chapter a month exclusively for a serial reading site called Channillo.

Best of 2016: Top 16 Blog Posts

Some of these posts–like the top three posts on the list–were posts from previous years that continue to be my most-read posts, some for several years now. Number five on the list, on the other hand, is less than a month old. Check out some of your favorites, or maybe some that you may have missed.

 1. Boosting Baseball IQ: 12 Things Not to Yell at the Game

2. 6 Ways to Stop Living Vicariously Through Your Kids

3. Remembering Mike, Number 17

4. Values Storying Spotlight: Patricia Neely-Dorsey

5. The Star Tree: An Ornamental Story of a Small Town

6. THAT Youth Baseball Parent (You Know the One)

7. Writing with My Students: A Secret Door Story

8. Old McDonald Had a Farm for Christmas

9. Questions About Christmas: Santa, Elf on a Shelf, and Jesus

10. A Teacher’s Summer Reading List

11. My Next-Level Baseball Player: 2016 Edition

12. Wait ’til This Year: An Ode to the 2016 Chicago Cubs

13. The Missing Years: Open Letter to a Busy Dad

14. Do You Have the Stuff to Be Travel Ball Parents?

15. Baseball Essentials: Overcoming Failure

16. The Lucky Baseball Bat

Best of 2016: Some Personal Highlights

I turned fifty years old in 2016. Mrs. Right threw me a surprise party and asked me to help her plan it. That was fun.

My niece Alison (the originator of the “From a Reader’s Perspective” photos that I have received of my books from various locales) married Trevor into the family. He passed the “play hide and seek by the Ainsworth family rules and don’t argue about the rules” test. My brother and I often call my brother-in-law Stan “the son my dad never had.” Trevor has become “the grandson my dad never had.” It’s an family thing. Oh, and Mrs. Right and I got to dress up. that was fun.

Best of 2016

I got to watch a gajillion baseball games. The Little Fella improved (see above posts). Older Brother won a roster spot on the East Mississippi Community College baseball team. Even more games in 2017. That will be fun.

Big Sister is making the move from commission to booth rent after a year as a full-time cosmetologist. And she got a German shepherd puppy. He’s fun. So is she.

I finished this blog post. Hooray! More fun.

Recall your own best of 2016 and then charge full force into 2017. Happy New Year!


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